Monday, 9 February 2015

Cross stitch: hate or love?

I've developed a strange obsession for cross stitch recently and I don't know if I hate or I love it.
I hate the fact that you have to count all the squares, because, you know, I like free embroidery, without rules and patterns.
But the final result, so minimal and rustic/old style, is beautiful to me. I really like it! So, uhm, although I hate to do cross stitch I'm going on stitching because I like the final result. So odd!
I'm constantly pinning cross stitch patterns, expecially when my favourite themes (nature, flowers, animals) are involved. Nordic / scandinavian style is always welcome for my embroidery, too!

These are my latest cross stitch works.
I embroidered small scraps of fabric and mixed them to other materials to make small accessories for my shop.
Take a look!

Fox wallet (my favourite!):

Do you like cross stitch?

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