Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Carnival sewing: a tulle skirt

Carnival is coming!

The first Carnival day will be next Thursday and here in Sicily people are getting ready for this event.
I'm not a big fan of this noisy, dirty and "squandering" feast, but I like to have fun and to enjoy the best part of everything. And the best part of Carnival is... no, not the typicall dishes, but... making costumes! :)
Expecially when they are for little ones!

My niece C. (7 years old) will wear a cat costume this year and I made her a tulle skirt to match with cat ears and tail, leggins and turtleneck sweater.
I had so much fun yesterday when I was making her the skirt. Not my usuall sewing; it's good to test something new every now and then.

This tulle skirt is made of three tulle layers (black, white, black). I've curled them by hands and fixed to a silver elastic band.

A useful note: the tulle stripes' lenght was four times the elastic band's lenght.
So the curling is very wispy :)

I closed the elastic band with a metallic snap and voilà, the skirt is finished. 
No need to close the back side, because the tulle is so "puffy" that the skirt closes by itself (and ... we need an open place for the tail).

I can't wait to see my neice wearing this skirt!

And you? What are you wearing [*] for Carnival parties this year?
[*] or making for the kids you love ;)

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