Monday, 10 November 2014

Recently on my sewing table: monogram bag

Hello, sweet MadameRenard's readers!
A new week is starting today and I hope to have the time to write some blog post to share with you all the things I'm working on during these first autumnal days (too much autumnal, probably, because we had rain rain rain and even a hurricane near our coasts. omg °__°).
But today's post is all for sewing and for a special bag I finished recently.

monogram bag for my nieceMonogram bag for C., the birthday girl

My niece C. turned 7 at the end of october.
She has the right age to wear a very "girly" bag, so I made one for her as birthday gift. 

After some (ehm, very long) pondering of what kind of bag is a good choice for a little person like C., I decided for a crossover clutch.
When you are 7 years old you need to have free hands and a safely closed (and not too big) bag, don't you think?
But my intentions were also to give her a very special present, a "just for her" gift. So I put her initial on the flap, cutting a C out of a constrasting fabric and sewing it by hands.
Uh, of course I've picked up a special fuchsia fabric
All little girls love fuchsia!

Design by me
I used the pattern I've designed to make three bags for my shop (sold out) because it has good dimensions for a little girl, but I've altered it a bit and made a longer flap to make space for the C.

design by me for thi bag for little girls

I'm quite sure C. like the bag.
She used some italian words that sound like "Aunty, I love it tooooooo much!".
I'm an happy aunt.
Giving brings you more joy than receiving, expecially when kids are involved!

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