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Pattern review: Bonsai bag by MadeByRae

made by rae bosai bag made by me
Do you read Rae's blog?
You should!
It's full of sewing ideas to be inspired by, expecially if you are interested in sewing mum&kids clothes and bags.

In this page Rae shows all her sewing tutorials, included the one to make "Angel tops" I followed to sew my very first one handmade piece of clothing.
Some years ago I've also made a couple of "Buttercup bags", using her pattern, like this or this
I still wear this bags, because their medium size is perfect for me and because, well, they have a beautiful design.

My experiences with Rae's tutorials and patterns, as you can read, are great!
They are well written, full of clear images and instructions and easy to follow.
And Bonsai bag pattern is very good, too!

I waited so long to make one! 
I bought her "Bonsai bag" pattern some years ago, after making my buttercups bags, but something didn't coinvinced me (probably I was scared by all that pleats and the sewing around the central panel).
I waited till this october to make one.

But, hey, the final result is this beauty:

ecological and eco-friendly bag

I listed it in my shop. Follow the link to read more informations about the bag (only one note: it's a very eco-friendly bag) and to look at additional photos.

What to say about the pattern?

Let me write down some thoughts about it:
- it's very well written, clear, rich in step-by-step photos (24 pages!!!).
- it's not a paper pattern. You will receive the instructions to download it and then you have to print and cut it at home. I like best this kind of pattern, I think they are more eco-friendly (not shipment involved, not wasted paper, also because I usually don't print all the pages, but only the pages I need) and most of all you receive it very quickly (almost immediatly).
- it offers two possibilities for the closure (and consequently two variations in the pattern): closure by magnetic snap (that I choosed) or by inner zipper
- the pleats and the central panel are not too difficult to make and put together; what you will need is a big amount of pins. And of course ironing the pleats before sewing is a good idea (I did it)!

- the pattern gives you a licence to sell the finished bag (with some restrictions) and this is very good for crafters in bussiness like me.
- in my opinion this bag is not for beginners [*], but a person with some basic skills in sewing and some experiences in bag making can realize it without problems.
- the design is lovely, the final dimensions are just perfect.
- the straps designed by Rae (and shown in the pattern) are different from the straps I made. I decided for very simple straps, but Rae's idea about them is more interesting, because it involves plastic rings and knots (as you can see in her blog).
- the central panel can be decorated by ricrac, trims, pompom thread... Rae shows you how to do this.

Making this bag was a pleasure, so after this very good experience I made a bonsai bag for me, in black, because I hadn't a black bag in my closet:

Of course I know it's not so charming as a bonsai bag with a contrasting central panel, but it's perfect for me and my informal look.

[*] If you want to test one of Rae's bag patterns, but you are a beginner in sewing, you can start with Lickety split bag. I haven't tested it yet, but I can see by the photos that it's not too difficult to make.
But I think my next Rae's pattern to buy is to one to make Showoff bag. I really like the shape!

Hope this post will be usefull for other people looking for good bag making patterns.

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