Saturday, 1 November 2014

Amazing gifts: knitted Santa Lucia by Pam

I'm sure you know Pam.
Not only because I've mentioned her other times here on my blog as one of my best "on-line friends", but also because she writes a successfull blog (gingerbreadsnowflakes) with lot of readers.
But if you don't know Pam, well, you should! This post is for you, too.

She had very hard times this year, but she was so kind to finish a gift she promised to send me some months ago.
Look what it is:

Knitted Santa Lucia doll

A knitted doll with the sembiance of Saint Lucy (Santa Lucia in italian), so well made and so beautiful! 
And so precious to me, also because I know she knitted it for me during a very sad storm of her life.

The choice to make and give a Santa Lucia doll can appear a bit strange, but it isn't, because our friendship started to grow when we had the opportunity to share our thoughts about Santa Lucia day's traditions (some of you probably remember that I wrote for Pam' blog a guest article about italian traditions for Santa Lucia's day).
So this is not only a beautiful gift, but is also a symbol of the friendship between me and Pam :)

Lucia is now with Zarina, another "doll" Pam sent me some time ago (yes, I am a very lucky girl!).
I'm sure these two girls are good friend now. They probably spent the first night together chatting and chatting about almost everything, because, well, girls do it!

This doll surprised me for the care of its making and for some details like the hair and the candle crown:

And, ehm, I don't want to be insolent, but... look! Lucia wears panties, too!

Love these details!

I'm very happy she is with me now!

Pam is a talented knitter and, since she is crazy for Christmas (according to her words), she also knits Christmas ornaments. 
Here you can find some of the ones Pam recently made (balls, mushroom, an elf and... oh, that polar bear!!!). 
To make them she follows Alan Dart's patterns; I think you have to take a look if you need ideas to dig into some Christmas knitting.
And also these balls are beautiful (patterns by Arne and Carlos). 

In the mail box I found also a little precious gift for mum:

Look what was inside the bubble wrap:

rustic and scandinavian christmas ornament diy

I can't wait to give it to my mum. For a happy coincidence I'll probably will be at mum's home with her gifts in my hands around S. Lucy's day! :)

A big THANK YOU to Pam and a suggestion for you: don't forget to visit Pam's blog if you haven't done it before. It's full of crafty and creative ideas for all seasons and I'm sure there is something that will inspire you!


  1. Oh wow, I so love your Lucia! Isn't it quite interesting how nobody cares about her except Italians and Swedes? :-) We visited her in Venice, of course.

    1. oh, I've totally neglected to suggest you to visit Lucia in Venice in my previous travel suggestions! So sorry!
      But of course you did, well, because you are form Sweden :)

    2. I've fallen behind in blog reading so i am late finding this post. What are you trying to do - make me cry??? lol You warmed my heart, Silvia, to see how much you love your knitted Santa Lucia. Every single stitch was a great pleasure because she was for you. And because we both have one just alike now - our St. Lucy bond!!! And what a treat to see Lucy with Zarina!

      Thank you so so much for writing this amazing post sharing our friendship and parts of our journey together! And incindently, on the same day as you shared this, I shared your guest post about Precepe on my blog!!!

      Thank you my friend, for the warmth of your friendship - especially now.


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