Wednesday, 29 October 2014

10 ways to write a date on your journal's page

I don't speak about my journaling habits too much here, but I write and draw (and glue things!) in my Moleskine almost everyday.
I'm still using the Petit Prince Moleskine Journal I started more than two years ago. I'm not a compulsive writer, sometimes I add only a little sketch or some words, so the process of filling a page is a bit slow, expecially because I started to feel very good when the pages are beautiful to see, so I work on every single page like I'm doing a little work of art.
And I'm still experimenting new ways to write, to decorate, to express myself on those white pages (all started here).

Recently I noticed how much my date writing style has changed.
I always write the date beside all I do in my journal, because I want to keep precise memories of my life. I also like to add a draw or a note about the weather and the day of the week.
In the past I used to write in small letters the date + the day of the week and make a little drawing for the weather. 
But recently I started to be more creative.

I used my date stamp and decorated the space around it.
I gave to the date more importance and wrote it very big (and experimented different "fonts").
I grew a sort of obsession for banners with dates inside.
I put the date into my drawings, even drawings about weather.
I mixed bold and thin letters.

I have fun with these experiments. I'm always looking for other ways for date writing.

This is a photographic collage of some of my dates in differents styles.

I'm sharing it today, hoping to inspire you to be creative on your journal page and have fun even with a (apparently) boring matter like writing the date.

I'd like to listen about you.
Do you have unusual ways to write the date on your journal pages? Do you write te date or not?

Looking other people's work is very interesting to me. This is one of the reasons why I've recently opened a Pinterest board dedicated to Moleskine journals (and journaling in general). Take a look if you need more inspirations.


  1. Love your date collage, so many fun ways to write plus the language- mmm! So pretty. I always write dates on my enteries, sometimes plain, sometimes elaborate like yours here. Great post Silvia!


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