Monday, 27 October 2014

My cats sleep on damask

My cats sleep on damask. Velvety damask. 
They are very lucky cats!

Carotina, my cat, sleeping on handmade pilllow

This is Carotina (Macchia's child) yesterday in the afternoon sleeping on the damask pillow I made for my cats. 
I've placed it between the glass door and the shutter of the kitchen while I was tidying up after a family lunch.
He had a very good sleep, I suppose. 
When he woke up this was his face:

Carotina, my cat, woke up after a nap on his new pillow

So satisfied by his nap!!! :)

The pillow is a novelty for Macchia and Carotina.
We needed a pillow to insert into the "kennel for cats" we bought in a shop some days ago. 
Winter is coming and, although sicilian weather is mild even in winter, nights can be very chilly and windy and wet for our cats who live their wild life mostly outdoor. 
We bought a very practical plastic kennel to offer them a dry and warm refuge, but it hadn't a pillow (and all people know how much cats love to sleep on pillows!). So I made it by myself recycling some upholstery damask and other materials.

I'm happy when I can make things I need using my hands and skills, saving money and recycling materials I already have.

Here are some snapshots I took while making the pillow.

Making a recycled cat pillow

I sewed together three different pieces of old upholstery damask to make a rectangle. They are yellow, but one has a pattern of green leaves.
Then I stuffed the almost ready pillow with other recycled fabrics (you can see one of the sample I've used on the left of my sewing machine).

Making a recycled cat pillow

I can't use these fabrics for my bags and accessories, because they are too lightweight and soft. And transparent, too (they are for decorative curtains making, I suppose).
But they are perfect for stuffing a pillow :)

Then I closed the open side with pins and sewed.

How to make a pillow for cats

This is the pillow in its place, into the bottom of the kennel:

Recycled pillow for cats

I'm happy this project is ecological, 100% made of recycled materials.
And I'm happy my cats immediatly appreciated the pilow I made for them. They look very pleased to have a confortable place for sleeping :)

(I'm in love with this little cat and his green eyes)

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