Friday, 22 August 2014


Holidays at mum's home are going on.
A thing I'm doing these days is drawing+painting.
I decided to bring with me in my suitcase the moleskine journal where I make my experiments with watercolors, because mum has a very big amount of watercolor pencils to test.
I started with a whole page dedicated to mushrooms.
I like mushrooms. They tell me something about the woods, about nature in autumn, about my lands of origin (the very wet Po Valley in Italy) and about my dad, an expert mushroooms' picker.
This is the finished page sorrounded by all my tools:

Look closer:
My intentions were to be realistic, so I copied my mushrooms from some books we have here.
I tried to include different kinds and species, with different colors and shapes, for more variety.
Quite satisfied by the finished page. I'm very happy to notice that my skilness with watercolor pencils are growing page after page.
Now I want to find another subject to challenge myself with. Any suggestions?

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