Monday, 8 September 2014

Cross stitch

When I was at mum's home for the holidays I've done a lot of things that made me happy: reading, picking up fruits and vegetables in the garden, cooking, riding my bike in the country, enjoying animals' company (and people, too!) and crafting a bit.
I've recently uploaded some photos of my holidays in my Flickr album.

One day I found a scrap of a particular fabric used in Italy for cross stitch; it is called "tela ida" in italian, I don't know its english name.
Mum wasn't interested in using it, so I decided to test cross stitch. I had a pattern to try, a pattern with a fox, my favourite animal!

Making the fox was quite funny, so I decided to go on embroidering other animals (I saved the patterns in this Pinterest board... lot of foxes, cats and butterflies, if you are interested).

And now that I'm at home... what to do with these stitched creatures?

I was particularly in love with that red deer and I cut the fabric to make a pincushion:

On the back there is a strong fabric with a red heart:

It has a christmassy and country look and I'm so happy about how it came out that I decided to sell it in my Etsy shop together with the other embroidered pincushions I made in the past.

I liked this little project and I'm going to find other uses for my embroideries, but I had to admit that cross stitch is not the best for me.
It is quite boring I(to me), because I hate to count all those squares to realize the images! I like best pattern-free embroidery, a thing I always do.

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