Tuesday, 1 July 2014

What I've been busy on

I'm not sure the title is written in correct english, but this is what jumped in my mind this morning when I decided to write a blog post after more than a month.
I've been busy on several (happy) things recently and blogging hasn't been on top of my list of priorities.
50% I missed it and 50% not. 
This pause is letting me pondering about my being on line, but, hey, this is not that kind of post.
I'm here because, after some very hectic weeks I started to take photos and documenting my life again. And blogging is part of the process, together with writing in my moleskine journal.

I need to share the things that took me busy between May and June.

Work work work
I'm super happy because I'm going to work everyday till the end of July. Money in my wallet and valid experiences on my curriculum vitae. Yay!

Study study study
I've helped S. to study for his exams. They went great, of course! :P

Enjoying summer
Last year summer went oh, so wrong :(
My dad's illness and death captured all my thoughts, of course, and I was so sad and worried that I couldn't enjoy summer things.
I've decided to have a great summer this year and I'm running to do more things possible.

S. and I started to:
- planning some afternoons at the seaside
- having walks after dinner (fresh air!!!)
- going with friends to outdoor concerts
- preserving food for winter (apricot jam, this time):

- explore Sicily and look to sicilian tradition:

And I:
- indulged in some summer shopping (haven't finished yet, eh eh):

(this is for my cousin's wedding, I don't wear this kind of clothes daily)

- painted my nails and bought new nail polish (glitter, gold and magnolia pink)
- wrote a list of books I want to read this summer
- had a new haircut

Working for our home
A lot of time is going to complete the furniture of our home.
We bought and put together a beautiful white desk (so laaaarge) for my sewing room, with three drawers and two new chairs. 
Now we need shelves for the books.
We are visiting several shops to decide how to fill the living room (still empty!).
Lot of gardening, too!

I've carved out some time for sewing.
I've completed a t-shirt with dusty blue knit fabric (not photographed) and now I'm refashioning some summer clothes, so I can use them this year, too.
I've also completed four tableclothes for my kitchen:

Fabric bought last may. I'm still in love with them.

I'm not sure it's all.
The important thing is I'm here again and I'm going to re-start blogging.
Maybe :)

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  1. The table clothes are beautiful prints. Having a full time job is always good. Money for buying new stuff, that means more fun later.


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