Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Yes, another striped t-shirt

I love stripes!
I love them like polka dots.
You've probably noticed it before, because, since I've started sewing clothes for myself, I've made striped t-shirts everytime I had the right fabric for.

And again, I've just finished another striped t-shirt, the second one this year (here the first).
You've seen it (unfinished) in my last post.

It has striped in different colours. Although I'm not 100% happy about the colours scheme of the fabric, there is something I really like in it, probably it's to mix of blues and greens.

The things I like most of this t-shirt are that I had enough fabric to make 3/4 sleeves and that the quality of the knitted jersey is very good (so fresh to wear!).

To make it I've altered the pattern of this cardigan.

I've already worn this t-shirt for a very hard morning of work at school. And it was so confy and fresh!
And 3/4 sleeves are perfect for school in this period of the year, because they are fresh but more elegant than short sleeves.

The only thing that makes me sad about my new striped t-shirt is that I haven't finished it in time for "Spring top sewalong 2014" -___-
Oh, well, it's not so important! :)


  1. I like the stripes. It is perfect on you. Saw your comment on iHanna's blog and followed. Adding your blog to my blogroll.

    1. Thank you for stopping here! :)
      I'm going to read your blog now!

  2. I thought I had left a comment! Maybe on Flickr. Anyway, I had to say what a great job you did n this shirt - working with stripes is not easy. AND that I love the series of pictures of you!!!


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