Monday, 12 May 2014

Time for...

May, time for...

... snuggles!

... new flowers to enjoy

... new fabrics bought at the outdoor market: plain jersey (white, blue/violet, aqua, dusty blue) for my clothes (only 6 € for the whole pile!), strong cotton for table-clothes which will be lovely in my kitchen!

... sewing another striped t-shirt for me, with this 3/4 sleeves this time! I've finished it today and I can't wait to show you how it came out!

... fresh fruits, typicall of this period of the year: cherries and white mulberries! So yummy!

... cutting magazines and pasting beautiful images in my moleskine journal + saving other images in my yellow envelope of future collages (I haven't made collages recently, but I'm still interested in this form of art).



  1. Passavo per un saluto...
    Bellissima la micia!
    Abbiamo la stessa macchina da cucire e le stesse coccinelle, potrei copiarti l'idea ed applicarcele :P

  2. Oh the kitty snuggles, so cute. And the cacti flowers - wow, they are beautiful. Glad you're doing cut and paste in your journal - I am too!

    1. cutting magazines is not one of my favourite things to do. I feel like cutting is boring. But pasting... oh!!! I would go on forever decorating pages with beautiful images!!!


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