Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Refashioned + new

This is me in an idiot pose (forgive me! I can't act as a model!), wearing my new white sandals and something recently realized by me: a skirt and a refashioned t-shirt.

I bought the shirt 4-5 years ago and not used it too much, because it was too long and roomy, with and elastic band at the bottom. 
It looked lovely in the shop, but I couldn't wear it without looking pregnant -___-
So this year I decided for some cutting-sewing and now I can wear it.
It's so confy! :)

I like to have it to match with my new handmade skirt.
I made it because this pin inspired me and taught me how beautiful pencil skirts can be.
The fabric is a very fresh and lightweight jersey I bought last year. Lovely print, a bit strange and too optical for me, but I like it the same.

I'm working a lot around my summer closet, this year.
I need more clothes because I work almost everyday and I also need to "reorganize" my exterior appearance, after years of carelessness. 
It's a thing every girl has to do at some points of her life!
The next thing I want to do is another quick refashion: I wanto to turn a pair of old trousers in capri pants.
But today I'm braiding t-shirt yarn and I can't foresee where my creativity will bring me this week! :)

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  1. Nice outfit, don't worry about the pose. You look good. :)


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