Friday, 18 July 2014

July in 31 photos - days 11-18

Day 11: I've photographed the rose my students gave me some days ago, before it fades. Isn't it beautiful?

Day 12: Jam again! Four pots of yellow plums this time! It's very tasty, very sweet but with some tartness. That bear is a box for biscuits! :)

Day 13: Looking for something to make with recycled t-shirt yarn. My first idea was to crochet it, but later I changed my mind and started to braid it.

Day 14: in the evening we celebrated 82nd birthday of my father-in-law (no photos to publish), but in the morning I was in Catania for work and captured a detail of a very central square (roman amphitheatre's ruins behind the little head).

Day 15: after dinner we found that our succulents gave birth to these amazing flowers. This is the second flowering this year.

Day 16: Finished and uploaded in the shop a new moleskine cover, embroidered by me (you will probably recognize those flowers):

Day 17: We finally took home the new chairs for the new desk. One is acid green!!!

Day 18: today. After braiding as a crazy girls t-shirt yarn (I've a project in my mind) I decided to use a small piece to make a summer bracelet for me, because I love those colours together and on me. I bought the metalic parts at the outdoor market, today.

Another week finished.
The weekend is here! I have some work to do, but I hope to go in some furniture shops with S. and, why not?, to the beach. Hope to take beautiful photos, too!

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