Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Nautical colours

Did I write I'm currently reading Moby Dick? 
Uhm, probably I didn't.
I know that this novel is a classic for USA and of course it is very well known here in Italy, too, but it's not one of those novels you read at school or similar things. So I haven't read this novel before.
It is so different from how I've imagined it! 
Instead of adventures and dirt life on the sea, I found biblical quotes and philosophy. What a surprise! 
But I'm really enjoying it the same!

Whales and anchors are the protagonists of the evening drawings in my moleskine, because this novel is really inspiring me.
There are some creative projects in my mind and they all are around sea, big fishes and waves. 
So I decided it was the right time to finish a t-shirt with nautical colours (white, red, blue) I've abandoned two years ago.
I was in love with that knitted fabric, but something went wrong while I was making it and I was so scared about wasting it that I left the project unfinished.

But now, after some adjustements (I've added the sleeves and a white band to the neck and the sleeves) it's finished.
And I like it!!!

It's still to cold to wear it alone, even here in Sicily. But it will be perfect this summer, with a pair of dark blue jeans or a light blue capri pants.
Very happy about this tee.

I love nautical colors. They are simple and classic, but not boring.
There are some other unfinished projects (crochet!) on my desk which are in the same colours right now:

I like to explore new themes in my creative journey.
And you?

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