Monday, 31 March 2014

Burda disappointment + adjustements = uhm, it's ok

Recently I've started some new sewing projects for me and of course they include some new clothes for spring and summer, because I like fresh skirts and t-shirts and blouses of all sorts.
I decided to test a Burda pattern on a knitted fabric I've bought at the outdoor market (mum has the same fabric, but in different colors). 
The pattern is the bluse n. 140 in the issue august 2013 of italian Burda style (plus size section). I was in love for the knotted neck.
I've measured my body with attention to cut the right size, but when I've finished to sew the most important part of the blouse I got this boxy, large and too long thing:

Uhm :/
You can see by the neckline that it's my size, but the model is really bad and it's really wrong for curvy people like me. We don't need clothes that add volume to our body, if you don't want to look like Homer Simpson in his obese phase.

So, after some days of nervous disappointment, I decided to make some adjustments.
I've shortened (a lot!!!) the blouse and its sleeves. I've also modeled the waist line on my body.
This is the final result:

Uhm, nothing special. But now it's ok. It works.
I think I'll wear it in some elegant occasions during spring and summer. Or at work (I'm going to start a new experience as a teacher next april).

I'm happy to have tested this pattern on this fabric: I don't like it too much, so I'm not desperate about wasting it on this project. I've been lucky (wise?) enough to save my favourite fabrics for other projects. And I'll make a muslin before!!! Lesson learned!

DIY clothes I'm working on:
- a long sleeves t-shirt: knitted fabric, raglan sleeves and flowers
- a black&green skirt: the fabric is a bit small, I think I can make only an a-line shirt
- something like this (isn't it clever and cute?)
- a long tunic/shirt to wear with leggins
I've also to finish some projects I've abandoned last summer.

And you? Have you got some projects for your spring/summer otufits?

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