Monday, 24 March 2014

Sewing with very tiny fabric scraps: bows for hair!

I'm a crazy scraps saver!
I can save tiny scraps of fabrics for years, waiting for a great idea for them. 
Many boxes filled of squares of beautiful fabrics fill my drawers and, you know, this can be a problem sometime! :)
So I try to use them here and there.

Recently I worked with some very tiny pieces of fabrics (samples) I received as a gift some time ago. They are cm 7x5 more or less (in. 2,5 x 2)... normal people woud throw them away, but I like so much their colours and pattern that I can't.
I made hair accessories instead! :)
Bows with elastics fixed on the back: ponytail holders, 100% made by sewing (no glues!).

They are:
- a rustic bow in earth tones:

- a set of three tartan bows in black and white + turquoise/green/lilac:

- a set of two polka dots bows, so funny:

- a set of two turquoise bows with floral pattern:

My favourite are the brown one and the polka dots set!

I like to make fabric bows! 
I made some in the past, for Xmas decorations or to be fixed on brochees. I've also written a tutorial: you can follow its instructions if you want to make some bows for you.
This time the scraps were too small to make the bows as shown in my tutorial; they are more simple in their shapes, but beautiful the same! :) 

Follow the link to go to my shop's pages and have more infos about these ponytail holders (and buy a set of two if you like).

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  1. Bellissimi! Anch'io sono una maniaca che conserva gli scampoli più piccoli e apparentemente inutili, ne ho una cesta intera e non ho alcuna intenzione di buttarli via... male che va li userò come imbottitura per un paraspifferi ;)


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