Friday, 24 January 2014

A friend for Mr. Buh

Busy busy busy days on MadameRenard's planet!
My exam to become a tourist guide is fastly approaching and I still have a lot of things to study. My sewing table is covered by books, pencils, pens and paper sheets, so I think I'll let my sewing machine alone for a while.
I'm also looking for a job, sending candidancies by mail and having job interviews (two this week).

This is a very happy and exciting period of my life, but I have no time for craft and creativity, except for some "10-minutes-every-day" projects and some drawings at the end of the day in bed.

One of these little projects is a new amigurumi.
It's a bear :)

Camel hair and a white snout; a red felt scarf because it's January and it's cold, even here in sunny Sicily; vivid eyes and a kind expression; two elegant ears to hear nature's sounds... these are the things I love of this little bear!

It's not a big animal, it can stay cozily in my hand:

I hope it will be a good friend for Mr. Buh, who is celebrating soon his second birthday. They are spending some time together and helping me in reading the big books I have to study for my exam:

Looking at this last photo, I noticed that my skills in amigurumi making improved a bit. 
Little bear is more well-made than Mr.Buh.
Plastic eyes make his face more "real", my stitches are more regular and the body shape came out better. In making the legs I was inspired by this beautiful amigurumi bear by Sofia.

I have also some crocheted hearts to show you, but now I have to go. Books need to be opened! :)

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  1. Adorable! Good luck for your work! Wishes for a Happy Year!
    Ana Love Craft


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