Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Book review: Stitched blooms

Look what is on my bedside table right now!

A lovely embroidery book: "Stitched blooms" by Carina Envoldsen-Harris.

I won it thanks to Pam's giveaway and received some days ago. 
I'm reading it in bed, making dreamy plans about what I want to make using Carina's patterns and following her suggestions.

After some pages about basic embroidery notions (different stitches, tools, colours theory and other interesting things) the book shows and explains in details 20 (twenty!) embroidery projects (some of them are sewing+embroidery projects). 

In the book you can find the patterns to transfer on fabric for each project and other additional 300 (!!!) patterns you can use on other projects of your choice (printable thanks to a CD included at the end of the book).

Isn't it amazing?

The book is about a theme: flowers and plants!
And all in it is 100% Carina's style: colorful and fresh! I love it!

My favourite project is called "Botanical art":

Embroidered flowers to frame and hang on the wall... such a great and unconventional idea! 

I also love the luminaries (made by Hanna's mum, too), the baby quilt, and some leaves similar to paisley (you know that I'm a bit obsessed by paisley and I'm looking for the perfect paisley motif to embroider... these leaves are quite good to me!).

And this motif is so beautiful:

Carina embroidered it on a case, but I'd like to use it to decorate a table cloth or bed sheets. 
I like this kind of embroidery pattens, modern and clean. 
This is my taste. 
But, if you like something different, the book is full of more complex and "lively" designs, as you can see by the cover or in this Pam's review.

The book arrived just in time for Christmas, like a gift :)
A very good book :)

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  1. How kind of you to review the book!!! And I am very happy to hear that you are enjoying it so much. I could not be happier that you were the winner! I can not wait to see what project you make first.


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