Monday, 5 March 2012

Say 'hello' to Mr Buh!

After 10 days of illness here at MadameRenard's home (S. and I had a lot of problems with fever and related things), life today returns to normality.
And this means: cleaning the home and washing our clothes, books to study, shipping envelopes from my shop and blogging, of course!

Today I want to show you a little friend, Mr Buh! :)

He was born in these days of illness, when weakness forced me to go to bed, under warm blankets, and make something relaxing.
I picked up some old wool thread (in colors I really like!) and started to crochet. No patterns or previous ideas.
I simply started and letting ideas come.
After some rows I decided to make a bear!

This is my first complex amigurumi, with head, legs, arms and muzzle made separately and handsewn to the body. 
My previous crocheted creatures are made of only one or two parts; simple to make, but not so lovely to look when finished. I'm happy about my choice to try something different! Always go on and learn, Madame!

I added some details made of fabric: belly, ears and eyes.

Being an avid (crazy, sometimes) collector of small scraps of fabrics gives big creative opportunities!
Cutting a black fabric with white dots I made the central part of the eyes. I know that eyes make the difference in amigurumi making and while working on this bear I experimented a new way to give them expressivity.
I'm quite satisfied, but I'm still thinking about purchasing these plastic eyes. Uhm...

Do you like Mr Buh? Isn't he lovely near my sewing machine?
Oh, about the name... it hasn't a precise meaning. It's simply a funny name for a funny bear! :D

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