Tuesday, 13 March 2012

About sewing clothes

Last january I started to sew a skirt for me.
A super simple A-line skirt in a beautiful high quality wool fabric I bought expressly for this project.
I designed the pattern by myself, following this book's instructions and started to sew.
I also took a photo of the process, as you can see.

But... ouch, I failed :(
The skirt came out too big for me and I gave up.
And the reason is that I'm totally scared by sewing clothes. I can't understand why.
I have not this fear when I sew other things. It's the same panic I feel when I think about making collages, painting on stones and other creative things I want to try, but I simply can't for some reasons.

But yesterday I decided to jump over this fear and try again!
Spring is coming and I want some lovely and feminine clothes for the new warm season. Beautiful tops and tunics, skirts and dresses :)
I'm in love with "Darling ranges dress" by Megan Nielsen (I love Paunnet's version!) and her "Banksia top".
And also "Sencha top" by Colette Patterns is amazing! You can make it in three different versions.
Of course I have at home some issues of Burda style and of a similar italian sewing magazine called "La mia boutique", both full of lovely models to try.
And I like this tunic (it seems so simple to make!), Heather Ross's "Summer blouse" published in "Weekend sewing" (here a lovely version) and all Victory patterns!
Please, help me! I'm a bit confused about where to start!
Can you link me some easy patterns for a beginner clothes-maker like me?
Probably I'll join "Spring top sewalong": it can give me the right motivation to start sewing clothes, don't you think?


  1. ...To avoid panic, you could look for tibetan chupa-inspired skirts. They are easier to sew than anything else :) I like them cut to the knee or all the way down to the ankle. I'm clumsy at sewing, but I manage to made three of them :)


  2. Dear Silvia, I wish i were living closer to you. I would teach you everything i know.

    I just spent a couple afternoons with a good friend helping her to make her first skirt - it is for her daughter's birthday. She had purchased a pattern - not the standard mcCalls of simplicity or even Vogue - but rather a popular pattern designer. i was so surprised at not only the cost but that there really was no paper pattern included. We had to make our own using instructions. YIKES!

    So, I have two suggestions for you. First, if you can, use a pattern that supplies the paper pattern. And secondly, try a wrap around skirt or a poncho to begin. Both are very simple and fit is not such an issue.

    Again, my friend, I wish i could be there to help. But you are always welcome to ask me questions.


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