Wednesday, 29 February 2012

February is finished... is time for flowers!

The coldest period of the year is finished.
I'm so happy! Spring is coming :)
Air is tepid here in Sicily and a lot of tiny flowers are blossoming everywhere.
I like these periods of the year, when the key word is 'transition'. Expecially because transition for me means growth, too.

In february I usually enjoy the lovely scent of flowers we call 'calicantus' (I can't find the english name).
They grow in my parents' garden and now that I'm far, well, I miss them a bit.
This a photo of calicantus flowers I took two year ago in february.
Oh, their intense and elegant scent!
Yes, I miss it!

But I will surely have other beautiful flowers to love, here! :)
S. and I bought two envelopes of seeds last week: they will give us some purple flowers and also some gerberas, if we will be lucky!

And why not some fabric flowers to make the home happier and coloured?
Ok, no smell, I know, but they are lovely, they don't wither and making them is funny.
I looked for some online tutorials to make fabric flowers. Here you can find a pinterest page full of ideas.
I made this one:

A little flower made of a fabric sample and a green recycled button. It came out smaller than my expectations, but I'm happy the same, because learning new tecniques is simply amazing!

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  1. I do not know the flower from your home town. But anything with a delicious scent would be welcome in dark cold February!

    Your tiny new flower is lovely! It or others like it would make lovely embellishments!


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