Monday, 14 October 2013

Shop update: Christmas ornaments in cornstarch clay!

I'm setting up the shop for Christmas in these days!
I love the idea that some people in the world will receive my items as made-with-love gifts. I hope to sell well and I'm doing my best to organize a beautiful shop full of interesting things.
I'm filling it of Christmas ornaments, too.
Do you remember all those stars and hexagons I made and painted last June and July?
I've recently divided them into sets (after adding some cotton thread for hanging) and uploaded in the shop.
They are...
... a set of three green stars:
... a set of two blue hexagons with painted snowflakes (blue thread):
... a set of two blue hexagons (white thread):
... a set of three red hexagons:
... and a set of two red stars:
All the ornaments are painted in White with tempera colours and varnished with a water varnish that make their surface a bit shiny.
The price of each set is between € 7.50 and € 9.00 (+ shipping). I think is a fair place for things 100% handmade. Do you agree?
I have other sets to photograph and upload in the shop. Here you can see all the sets I've prepared:
This summer I made some embroidered stars with felt, too (a blog post is coming!). You can find them in my shop's "home decor and holidays" section, together with other ornaments like the embroidered snowflakes, white leather stars and three sets of plaid bows.
Hope you like my Christmas ornaments! :)

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