Friday, 18 October 2013

Simple happy things: end of summer edition

Long time passed from my last "Simple happy thing" post: it was March and we were enjoying spring.
Now it's October and we are living a very hot fall, summer is still with us, but I know it's ending.
There are a lot of simple things that are bringing happyness in our life...
... a lovely cat sleeping in our garden:

... baking cookies and having fun with my image reflected in the oven's glass:
... flowers blossoming from my dad's succulents:
... last vegetables from our garden:
... dahlias and their colours:

... rainbow after the rain:
... a lot of wild herbs to cook, like last spring:
... a new plant (alocasia sanderiana) for our living room into an old hand-decorated pot:

... playing with my camera and an insect reflected on the glass:
These are some of the things that helped me to stay positive and give me happy moments at the end of the summer.
What about you?

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