Friday, 4 October 2013

Granny squares for music lovers

I've recently understood that crochet is not an "old-ladies-only" craft, but that it can be very modern.
And even granny squares, so "old style" [*], can be used not only for pillows and blankets your granny would love, but also to make something a modern girl can use in her modern life, eh eh.

And so I made a little case for my mp3 reader with four of the squares I've crocheted last august.

I walk a lot (I move in my little town mainly by my feet) and I like to listen to music when I walk. So I always have my mp3 reader in my bag and it needed a case to be saved from damages.

I really like it! I'm proud of myself for this little thing I made for me.

One side of the case is camel +white + dusty blue; the other side is camel + white + fuchsia:

I joined the squares by hand with some camel thread and then I added a zipper lining I made with my sewing machine.
For this kind of cases I always join the crocheted parts to the fabric lining with invisible stitches by hands, because the result is more clean, and this is what I've done this time, too.

Making granny squares is addictive (speaking about me). I've learned to crochet them last June and now I can't stop.
In August I made other squares with a similar color scheme, but with green and red instead of fuchsia and dusty blue. I hadn't precise projects in mind while I was making them, so now I'm looking for other clever ideas to use them for something I feel more modern than blankets or pillows.
Any suggestions?

But, of course, I also want high quality yarn to make a special pillow for me. In the future :)

[*] In italian they are often called "Quadrati Vecchia America" (= old America squares).

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