Sunday, 8 September 2013

Meet Sofia the whale!

When things go wrong, hard work helps a lot!
I worked on a lot of projects this summer to keep my mind busy and make less space to sadness and fear. And I'm going on, because it works well.
For this reason yesterday I decided to tidy up my fabric's trunk here at mom's home... so messy!
I also found some unfinished projects in it, left there where I moved to Sicily two years ago.
There was a little whale among them, dark blue like the sea.
I finished it and decided to give it as a gift to my little cousin Sofia (3 years old and a big love for soft animals)!
It's perfect for her, because she recently visited Genoa's Aquarium and felt in love with fishes :)
I designed the pattern by myself, but the final result has some problems.
So, if you want to make a whale for you, my suggestion is to look for a pattern (this one?).

The name of this whale is Sofia, like my little cousin. But for some reasons she likes best to call her "Uovo" (Egg). Kids! :D

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