Wednesday, 7 August 2013

100% recycled: crochet-covered bottle... again!

After covering with crochet my first bottle, I started to look to the drinks I bring home in a different way.
I used to neglect the shape of their containers, but now that I've started to cover bottles, well, I've also started to look for nice ones, eh eh.
And I found little beer bottles some weeks ago, brown with amber tones and not too big, perfect for my projects!

I started to crochet a cover on it without a well defined idea in my mind.
I decided to start and follow inspiration (this is my favourite creative habit!) and to try something more complex that my first experiment.

After some rows of single crochet stitches to make the bottom, I realized one row of double crochet.
Then I decided to make a net to emphatize the contrast between the brown of the glass and the cream white of the cotton yarn (recycled).
I love how the net came out!
It's so simple to make. You have to alternate 1 double crochet and 1 chain stitch.

To end the work I decided for symmetry, so I made another row of double crochet and finished with a simple border of single crochet.

You've probably noticed that this is a 100% recycled project.
And I'm in love with this aspect of the thing.
The power of craftiness in my opinion stays in the fact that you haven't to buy the objects you need, but you can make them yourself starting with what you already have in hands!
Crafty people can work on a different (and planet friendly) economy! :)

And so I have a new glass pot for my flowers!
Uhm, I need a coloured flower for it!
We are growing dahlias this summer, too, and they are so beautiful and full of colors! Simply perfect to give light to our rooms!

[about the first photo: yes, there is a boomerang near the bottle... we recently received it as a gift from some relatives who live in Australia and came back in Sicily for the holidays. Lovely gift!!!]

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