Thursday, 9 May 2013

So little time

I've been so busy recently!
For the new job (it's going great with it and I'm super happy!), some "family events" and some little problems we had.
I'm not sad for this situation, I like when life is full of things, but I abandoned my creative life and my blog and this is not good at all!
Hope to have some more free time in the future or to be able to organize myself in a better way.
Aniway, this morning I have some moments for my photos. Precious moments, dedicated to save sweet memories!
My new camera is great! :)
I've tested it a lot when mum and dad were here to visit us.
I have some shots to share with you in the next posts; they are images of Sicily (landscape and monuments) and I'm editing them right now.
A little anticipation here and here (Mount Etna at work).
But I have also some shots about creative life still ready to be published, like this one:
A gift from mum... a lovely selection of embroidery thread (from her vintage collection), a ball of corn starch clay to play with (it's on my desk since april 23rd and I haven't find the time yet -___-), a little bottle of varnish for my masterpieces and a tiny (and super old) brush.
She knows me very well, eh eh!
Mum gave me some finished pendants, too!
My favourite is this one, in blue with tiny pieces of silver thread:
I've also photographed a postage stamp I received recently from Finland (I ordered these earrings from Sofia, an etsyan based on Finland):
I'm sending it to Su, to help her in "Project dissimulation 2013". Her father recently died for bowel cancer and she's making zines to raise found for medical reaserches (zines about birds and postage stamps). You can help, if you want (follow the link!).
See you soon!!!

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  1. The pendant your mother made and gave to you is just beautiful.

    It will be harder now, I am sure finding ways and time to craft and keep up with all of us - your fans - out here in blogland. I am sure as you become more comfortable in your job and get used to the new routine, you will find ways to add craft time and internet time.

    Having said that - on our little trip during which i never touched a computer - I got a TION of crafting done!!!!


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