Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A very happy (and wet) birthday

My birthday was yesterday.
Now I'm 36 years old. 36. Oh my god, time runs too fast!
I had a very happy birthday, filled by a lot of phone calls and people who came to visit me. Friendship is the keyword of my 36th birthday :)
I received also a lovely birthday card from Pam (in the photo you can see her coloured message inside) and ... a new camera from S!!!
Thanks to my sweet man I'm able again to take photos and blog them. I'm so happy and grateful! :)
My old and sick camera is resting in a drawer now, after years and years of good job.
I had a wet birthday, too!
Rain -___-
Rain all day.
I hated it.
A thing I like of being an april girl is that my birthday's weather usually consists in sun and warm air. Not this year.
Uh, and I struggled all the day with a bad cold.
But I'm happy the same :)
I ate two pieces of my strawberry cheesecake and a very tasty pizza with my love watching a movie.
And my lovely niece came to visit me and taught me how to dance, eh eh :)
And Vera published a post about me, where you can read my answers to some questions and see Vera wearing the bag I made for her 2 years ago.
So... I had a very happy birthday :)
And celebrations aren't finished yet, because mum and dad are coming here this evening for a 7 days long holiday.
I'm a lucky girl!


  1. Thank you S for giving us more photos! And happy belated birthday to you Silvia! Glad you had a happy birthday!

  2. Happy, happy birthday my friend. And what a wonderful sweetheart, gifting you a new camera. Perhaps your old one tired out at just the right time as you are working hard to take your photography to new places. the new camera and technology should help you!


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