Tuesday, 16 April 2013


... I did some spring cleaning on my sewing/study/everything table and couldn't resist in taking photos of my supplies and working space (and arranging them in a collage, you know, I'm addicted)
... I found a job!!! :)
Oh, so exciting!!! I work three days a week in a school not far from my little town (I teach history+geography). And during the short travel by car I enjoy an amazing sight of Mount Etna covered by the last snow of the year and "smoking"
... I made 3 t-shirts for me. I'm so happy to be able to se clothes and to find so cheap knitted fabric at the outdoor market to experiment with.
... My camera has a big problem :(
I can take photos, but the screen doesn't power on, so I have no idea if what I'm focusing. This thing is driving me crazy and this is why I'm not photographing my new t-shirts and uploading them into "Spring tops sew-a-long" this year! Annoying!!!


  1. Che bello Silvia!Sono contentissima per te :-)
    WOW!E spero che la macchina fotografica "guarisca" presto!baci

  2. Congratulations! On your new job! This is good news!

    Sorry to hear about the camera tho. Do you have an auto focus mode? They really do a good job most of the time. Might help til you can get the view screen fixed.


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