Thursday, 11 April 2013

A princess and her sumptuous skirt

Another post about drawing, this week!
Yes, drawing is really in my mind recently :)
I like making this kind of art, but also watching other people making it, expecially little people, like my niece C.
She is 5 years old now, a super feminine little girl, who likes elegant dresses, brides, high heels shoes, lipstick and nail polish... uhm, she is NOT like me!
When I was 5 years old I used to play soccer with my cousins and explore the grass around the house looking for little animals, eh eh.
But we a precious thing in common: we both like to draw and paint.
When C. is with me, she smiles and says: "Aunty, can we draw?".
She usually asks (ehm, orders!) me to draw ("Draw a bride with high heels, bows, long hair, a bag, earrings....") and she paints with crayons.
But last sunday she surprized me. A lot.
She said: "I'm drawing a princess to paint together!".
Oh, yes, of course, lovely girl!
The whole process has been amazing!
And this is what we made together:
A princess with blond hair, a crown, high heels shoes and... a giant skirt, so sumptuous, so decorated!!! *___*
Super funny!
I have no notions about how to interpretate children's drawings, and the thing is not important to me now. I've only enjoyed (oh, so much) the process and the final work of art.
This is C. starting her drawing:
I love those little hands bravely holding the pencil.
I love the way she draws hair (so sweet) and her attention for details.
I'm a proud aunt!
I hope we will have this moments also in the future and I hope I will be able to teach her all the creative things I know, like my AuntFran made (and is still making) with me.

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  1. Ma che carina! E quelle manine che stringono la matita...piacciono tanto anche a me!


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