Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Let images inspire your drawing

I'm experimenting something new in my moleskine journal in these days.
It's something about the "drawing homeworks" I often do when I have some free time (Tv time, expecially) and my brain says me: "Draw! Draw!" but I have no ideas of what I want to give birth with my pens.
This is what I do: I glue an image I like and then I start drawing, letting image inspire me how to add all around it.
It's super funny.
Nothing so innovative or surprising; I know that something similar is part of common methods of art lessons. But it's a new thing to me and I want to share it with you for its simplicity.
When you glue an image on the page you haven't a precise idea of what your brain is going to create and watching the process is so funny and interesting! It probably says something about who you are!
And it's also amazing the mix of printed images with a professional look and the various media you can use in the drawing.
In my pages I really like the contrast between super coloured photos on shiny paper and my black and white drawing with a childish look.
It's a strange mix, but it works :)
This is what I realized some evenings ago, in bed:
All started with a lovely photos of well-arranged flowers I cut from a magazine. 
The title is "Garden in april".
I filled the empty space around the flowers with my usual subjects: nature, flowers, little animals I like, weather conditions... this is me! :)
There were endless possibilities to complete the scene with (an altar in a church, a windows, a grave...), but my brain suggested to speak about gardening.
Have you ever tried this method before?
Feel free to write me in the comments about your experience and share your works of art with me!


  1. I like your way of collaging/writing/doodling! Although I'm not much of a gardener, flowers and Spring is on my mind too lately - we're desperately waiting for Spring and sunshine in the Netherlands! Happy Glue it Tuesday - on wednesday ;) and a hug from Holland

  2. love the little images around your flowers.
    Too precious! {:-Deb

  3. Non ho mai provato questo metodo, ma è sicuramente un ottimo spunto creativo :-)
    Bellissimo lavoro, grazie!

  4. it's beautiful! I love the bold color against the black & white!

  5. This is really pretty!

  6. i love your bright arrangement of flowers. so springy. i to am waiting for spring. it's slowly getting here in northern ny. tfs

  7. O I love this!!


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