Sunday, 7 April 2013

I love poppies

Our home is alongside of a large field and it is full of amazing poppies right now! :)
I love this little flowers, with so delicate petals but so strong in colors!
They are visited everyday by a very big number of bees, I can hear their "bzzz" from my kitchen's door!
I've taken some photos of these poppies.
Doing it is not so simple here in Sicily, where wind constantly blows and moves poppies' lightweight heads. But I got some beautiful shots the same!
This picmokey collage is for collecting them in a single image and remember how nature can be generous!
Spring is here. We are having a very warm april, temperature is around 20-25 °C during the day. I'll celebrate it wearing my poppy skirt! :)


  1. Beautiful photos/photo collage!

  2. I have to totally agree with Hanna! I enjoyed seeing these on Flickr - but i really love how you have arranged them in this collage.

  3. Ciao!
    Abbiamo in comune anche il post sui papaveri!
    Sai che inizialmente volevo anch'io intitolarlo come te?
    Buona giornata collega!


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