Saturday, 6 April 2013

Postage stamps: a light in the dark

Some days ago S. came back home from the office with an envelope of postage stamps for me, like he did last december.
I haven't found amazing works of art on them, this time. Most of them are a bit boring and traditional, nothing really new.
But a stamp captured my attention. This one from Austria:
Since I like ancient buildings (like churches), rural landscapes and special light effects ... it was love at first sight! :)
But there is also a different reason why this postage stamp fascinates me: its drawing shows a warm and spreading light in the dark, a thing I tried to draw in one of my faux postage stamps last January (but I explored the light of a candle).
The same theme, realized in two different ways in two postage stamps (one real, one faux). Isn't it funny?
Another stamp I like in this bunch is dedicated to International Women's day.


  1. Gli artisti sanno vedere la magia in ogni cosa, anche un piccolo francobollo tra tanti, riesce ad emozionarci!Non vengo da un po' e guarda cosa vedo....hai fatto un sacco di cose bellissime!Spero di essere nuovamente costante e seguire i miei amici blog, tuo compreso :-)Un bacio buon we

    1. Grazie per essere passata, Linda! :)
      Anche tu hai fatto cose bellissime nel frattempo!!!

  2. Your Weinnachten stamp appeals to me as well and for the same reasons. I think you should creat a small frame of some kind and use it as an ornament during the holidays. :-)

    1. S. and I have a project abouth these lovely stamps.
      We want to collect our favourite into a frame and hang it an a wall in our home.
      But I also want to make an ornament, maybe a garland, to use not only for the holidays!


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