Thursday, 4 April 2013

Black+green is for spring/summer, too!

I bought new fabrics last friday!
Knitted fabrics for dressmaking, purchased for only 1€ each piece at my favourite stand in the outdoor market.
I picked up 5 pieces and 2 of them are green+black, a recent love (to me) in colors combos. I used to think these (dark) colors are right for winter, but thanks to these fabrics I changed my mind: if used in "frisky" patterns they can be used in spring/summer, too!
The first fabric on the left is for a sleeveless top, the second one for a skirt (this is what I planned, but things can go in different directions, of course).
My new clothes will look lovely with my black+green earrings this summer!
I've also bought an optical black&white fabric, a very strange choice for me (I use to say that optical patterns aren't for me and that I don't like black&white, but I think this fabric is lovely, don't ask me why!).
I think is good for a top, but it is too short in height, so I decided to pair it with a black fabric to make the "shoulder zone", like in this one or this.
Other purchased fabrics are a lycra sheet with a multicolor pattern (mostly light blue and green) I can't properly describe and a floral lightweight one in royal blue (love it) and pink!
No projects for these. Probably mum will like them (expecially the firts one) and I'll give her them as a gift (she will be here to visit me with dad at the end of april).
A little note about these fabrics and their price: they are leftovers from dressmaking factories, mostly the ends of big reels, ready to go into trash cans. A man collects and sells them with the factories' permission, of course!
Ecofriendly, don't you think?
Prices are between 1 and 3 € for each piece (it depends on their dimensions), a very fair price! :)
The funny thing is that I often find clothes made of these fabrics in the shops!
Last year I found (in a Conbipel shop) a dress with the same floral fabric of my first top, I saw a woman wearing a (not handmade) t-shirt made of the fabric of my striped top (but in cream and green) and last friday I saw on the stand the same striped+floral fabric you can see in this Promod dress.
So funny! :)
I'm ready for some spring/summer sewing! :)
I've already started to make a t-shirt in blue (fabric bought last year) and I planned to work on tops, because it's time for "Spring top sew-a-long" again and I really want to join!
Are you with me?

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