Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Beautiful sight

My new camera is an amazing toy!
It offers a lot of options and possibilities that my old one hasn't and I even couldn't imagine before experimenting with it.
Although I haven't found how to use the self-timer already (!!!) I had fun fun fun making more complicated things like panoramic photos like this one of Taormina's ancient theatre.
Almost 360° photos °___°
So exciting!
We visited Taormina, a famous town in Sicily, when mum&dad were here.
We enjoyed this beautiful sight of ancient ruins, Mount Etna emetting smoke and deep blue sea in a very sunny sunday.
Sometimes I feel very lucky to live here in Sicily :)
I published more photos of Taormina (+ Castelmola village) in my flickr album...
old churches, details noticed on the main street, sculptures and other things that make me happy :)

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  1. Saw a few of the images in thumbnail form when my flickr memo came up. Can't wait to get over there. Just got back from a little trip so catching up. But had to pop in and tell you that I am very, very happy to hear the excitement in your writing about your new camera. Yaaaaaaaay!


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