Friday, 24 May 2013

Evergreens: white+blue

White+blue is a lovely color combo, a sort of evergreen used in a lot of products, from clothes to home accessories.
But my favourite use of this combo is in ceramic art.
I've always been fond of white and blue dutch pottery, that inspired Pam to make this lovely embroidery pattern (and look here for white&blue dutch houses made of ceramic... aren't they super cute?).
I recently discovered that this color combo is a tradition also for sicilian ceramic (here a piece realized in the city of Caltagirone), but here in Italy white and blue are often mixed with other colors, like yellow and coral red.
So, with all these amazing inspirations around white&blue pottery, I couldn't resist in making something for me with corn starch clay in these tones.
Well, to be honest, mum made the "ceramic" part of the work (two beads) and I put together a pair of earrings with the beads and some supplies we bought together during her last visit here.
A classic but fresh look I really like. I'm wearing my new earrings right now and I love them. They will be with me all the summer, I'm sure! :)

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