Thursday, 23 May 2013

Accepting the unexpected

Some unexpected things happened in the making of my pendants.
I knew that corn starch clay becomes a bit darken during the drying process.
I saw it when I made all that pendants with mum last Christmas holidays.
But, hey, I couldn't imagine that my mint pendants...
... could became "caledon green":
No words for this! °___°
I think it's a problem of my tempera colors, because I haven't seen a strong transformation like this before!
Aniway, these pendants haven't the color I was looking for, but I like them the same. Pam said that "caledon green" gives them a vintage look and I like it! :)
Another unexpected thing happened to my pendants when I was vernishing them. The supersoft vintage paintbrush mum gave me for this purpose... uhm, it's probably "too vintage"... it started to leave the color of its bristles (brown) on the pendants' surface!
I was so disappointed!
But I changed my mind soon, because I noticed that the brown patina draws attention to the stamped flowers: now their petals are more visible, thanks to this "brown incident" :)
Sometime accidents give you beautiful gifts!

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