Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Spring tops by me

I'm very late, I know, but a lot of things prevented me from uploading my new handmade t-shirts in Spring top sew along photo pool till today!
It went wrong this year, but I'm happy the same, because I have three new me-made clothes to wear and also because I've learned new things making them and I can say that my sewing skills really improved! :)
The first top I made is this one in blue:
I've cut the fabric (a very fresh and confortable cotton jersey) using a pattern into an old issue of "La mia boutique" (an italian sewing magazine) and altering it a bit. I like the color, but I'm expecially in love with raglan sleeves.
Making it, I used for the first time twin needles:
They give to your sewing a professional look. You have to try to understand how they work good!!!
I finished the neckline following this Megan Nielsen's tutorial and I'm really glad about the result :)
Then I started a more simple project: this sleeveless top in black+green jersey. I selfdrafted it, helped by a top I refashioned last year and perfectly fits on me:
The fabric is so fresh, elastic and lightweight... I can't stop to wear this top! Also because I like the mix of black and green very much!

The last one is another raglan sleeves t-shirt (I really like how the first one came out, so I decided to make another one):
This cotton jersey is my favourite. I used a part of it last year, to make a (so tiny!!!) t-shirt for my niece C.
I like stripes and colors, perfect for casual look days! :)
That' all!
Now I'm working on a skirt and some handmade jewels. See you soon!!!

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