Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Birdwatching... a time consuming activity I really like!
I could spend hours and hours watching little birds, noticing how they are busy, funny, beautiful!
My dad is an expert conoisseur of these amazing creatures and taught me how to identify the most common species of italian birds. And I do some birdwatching everytime I can, because it makes me happy! :)
I always try to take photos of birds, too, but it's a bit difficult, because they constantly move and jump. But last saturday, helped by the zoom of my new camera, S. took a lovely photo I want to show you:
It's a linnet.
He made his nest, with its "wife" (I always see them together), in my neighbour's hedge and often sits on the railing I see from the kitchen everytime I'm having a meal. A beautiful sight for lunch time, isn't it? Much more better than tv shows!!!
I love this little bird, its clean and simple look and most of all that strawberry red touch on the chest.
I often see it on some wild cardoons, too, enjoying the sun. What a clean and "respectable" silhouette:
Here is full of other birds, of course!
What about sparrows?
Very common, I know, but lovely! If you watch them with attention you can notice how they have a sense of community that other birds haven't (for example robins are more solitary and a bit self-centered when food is involved).
I hope to take other photos like these soon!
My camera is always ready to work for me, eh eh :)


  1. Such pretty bird photos. I take a lot of photos these days too, everything is pretty.

  2. I am so glad S. has given you this wonderful new tool to capture your world!!!

    I don't believe we have Linnets here - but we DO have sparrows! And now that you point it out, they are a social lot, aren't they? Never thought til you pointed it out.

    Dop you have a bird feeder? Sparrows are quite messy - but the feeder not only attracts lots of birds but often provides the opportunity to take an image!

    1. A bird feeder is a great idea!
      I haven't it, I usually give birds some food on the grass, but a bird feeder is great if you want to take photos of birds. Thanks for suggesting me!!!

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