Saturday, 1 June 2013

Stripes+flowers ... my 4th spring top for 2013!

Before starting my crafty adventure some years ago, I used to have firm positions about my likes and dislikes.
Among other things, I used to say: "I hate black&white, I hate mixed patterns on clothes".
But (this often happens when you walk) I changed my mind.

I made a black&white t-shirt for me. And it has stripes and flowers.... oh, mixed together!!! What a strange thing is that I adore it :)

Finished yesterday and worn today at work, eh eh :)

I found this lovely jersey fabric on a stand in our outdoor market for only 3 €. Some days after, I noticed that Promod used a similar one for a mini-dress in the current spring/summer collection (no longer available on their website, so I can't show it to you, sorry)!
I hadn't the right amount of fabric to make a dress, so I made a t-shirt (the best choice for me, I don't wear dresses, if not in special occasions).
I self-drafted it, helped by this top from 2012 and another very comfortable t-shirt I bought last year. It's a very simple design, large around the armpits, easy to make and to wear.

It took about 2-3 hours to be completed.
Super fast! I love fast sewing with these results! Consider that the most of the time went to make the neckline and finish the edges.

Thanks Naomi for inspiring me!

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