Thursday, 21 March 2013

Simple happy things in March: sicilian spring

I'm uploading lot of photos in my Flickr album these days.
It's March, it's spring, my eyes are very busy in noticing simple happy things almost everywhere! :)
Nature's rebirth and all its consequent gifts capture my attention and I shoot shoot shoot.
So it's time for the second edition of "simple happy things".
All is about nature, healthy food and country in Sicily, hope you like my photos!
Tangerines received as a gift, a particular species that gives its best in March! So juicy and tasty!
Violet cauliflowers, grown by my brother-in-law in our fields. Beautiful to see and yummy!
Exploring our fava beans' fields in a sunny sunday afternoon. Can't believe these plants are tall almost like me (I'm 1,70 m).

Wild herbs my father-in-law picks up for the whole family in the countryside (abandoned fields). They have a unique taste, very good, if you are a veggies' lover like me.
I can't write an english name for them, because they are known with regional names.
I can only say that ... the first plants are slightly bitter, in the second photos there is wild asparagus, in the third one wild "finocchietto" (a typical ingredients of sicilian recipes).
Little bunnies love playing in the countryside! They can't stay quiet into my bag: they start to look around with curious eyes and can't resist to explore! :)
Countryside offers unusual backgrounds and corners to take photos of your new spring bags in a more creative way!

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