Sunday, 17 March 2013

Saving happy memories in a photobook

In January I've been very busy in a photographic/family project I really loved!
I made and ordered a photobook with all my favourite photos taken during 2012! The perfect project to start a new year in a more conscious way of what you had by the previous year and what you want to go on having in the next.
I'm posting about it only today, almost 2 months later, because I couldn't take good photos of my book. But after some other bad attempts I decided to give up: you are going to see bad photos, my friends, sorry!
It is a Blurb photo book.
I made using their free and online Bookify software.
To  be honest... I started donwloading Booksmart from their website, because it has much more layout possibilities and so on.
But I understood that it was a bit difficult for me, a very beginner in this kind of things, so I switched to Bookify soon.
Bookify is simple to use, but it doesn't give you the possibility to have fun with layouts and grids like Booksmart. It puts only one photo in a page.
And my idea was to fill the pages (and covers, too, as you can see in this first shots) with grids and collages of small photos, because I had a very big amount of pictures to put in the book.
A big problem for me... but, hey, big idea... you can alway use Picmonkey! :)
I used this free online tool to make all the collages and grids I was needing and then I saved it in my laptop.
Each collage counts as a single photo, so I could go on to the second step: upload each picture (made of multiple shots) on bookify!
I jumped over the obstacle, eh eh!!!
Yes, this process is a bit time consuming and muddled, but it gave my the possibility to have what I want!
The book is organized by month.
Of course you could make year-books organizing them in different ways: by theme, random disposition, etc.
But I like to be "chronological" in this kind of things. I like to see time and seasons passing away like in a well-constructed travel.
I didn't add explicative text to my pages, because images speak clear to me and I don't need written notes!
S. really liked it and we decided to make a photobook every year. We strongly believe that saving happy memories is important for a family.
And digital photos are always in danger if saved only into our laptops and other devices that can crash without warnings!
And, the most importan thing, making a book is... funny!!!
I hope this post is inspiring you to try! :)


  1. What a cute book you made! I think some names and dates are good in an album, but it depends if you're making it with all your photos then some people's names will be forgoten in a few years - but if you mostly use personal ones you will always remember it doesn't matter. Well done with the combo of picmonkey + booksmart! wish it had rounded corners too!


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