Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I finished my "Tree of joy"! :)

I received this lovely embroidery pattern last october; I won it thanks to Carina's giveaway!

I've immediatly started to work on it in the following days, but I've abandoned the project because the fabric (a very lightweight organic linen) revealed soon to be the wrong choice.

But then I found the perfect cloth in the box of fabrics Francesca sent me in december: a not-too-thick and not-too-thin cotton in light violet.
Love it!
So I re-started the tree of joy project! :)

I worked on it before sleeping, in bed. Five minutes every time... after a pair of weeks I finished it!
About the colors... I know they are very different from Carina's suggestions written in the pattern. But it's not a problem, you can use the colors you like best!
Now it's time to move to the second phase of the project: to emplioy this small embroidered sheet into "something".
I think I'm using it as the central panel of a patchwork pillow, but I'm open to other suggestions. If you have one, leave a comment, thank you! :)


  1. The minute i saw this image pop up in my reader I could not get over here fast enough! OMG I adore your Tree of Joy variation!

    And bravo you for completing it so quickly!

  2. It's super pretty, and you are so right to pick your own colours. Very you I think! Well done to stitch it up! I think it would look great as a pillow, or a book bag...


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