Friday, 8 March 2013

Do you like hedgehogs like me?

After making the wallet with an embroidered owl I received so many positive comments that I made another one.
And this time I decided for an embroidered hedgehog, because I had one in a vintage tranferable pattern and it was simple and super lovely!!!
Perfect for my rustic wallets!
I created around him a rural landascape with flowers, grass and dragonflies, simply stitching like drawing, without a pre-made pattern, as usual.
Of course I've embroidered the inner pockets, too, because these details really make the difference!
I love hedeghogs, I love dragonflies and flowers, I love rural landscapes... some of my passions are in this wallet.
Hope you like it!
I've listed both the owl and the hadgehog wallets in my shop and you can find them here (owl) and here (hedgehog).
Click on the links to have more technical infos about them!


  1. Who doesn't love hedgehogs indeed!!! We don't even have them in this country and we love them!!

    I love your embroidered wallets - in fact i seem to enjoy embroidery on everyday items we use frequently - wallet, a bag, a pouch. A visual and tactile pleasure every time it is used.

    Once embroidery gets under you skin - there is no going back is there? lol

    1. I 100% agree with your last sentence.
      I tried to embroider something last June and... I can't stop! *___*
      And I'm glad you appreciate the thing I like best in embroidered items: the visual+tactil experience they give us :)


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