Monday, 4 February 2013

The travelling storehouse

I started the new year having some projects about decluttering and re-organizing my home. One of the most compelling things to do was to find a more proper place for my finished items for the shop.
They used to stay in a drawer's dresser in my bedroom, gathered with my personal bags and other stuff. Not the ideal solution.
But now they lay comfortable and tidy in a "travellling storehouse"! :)
Some time ago we saved a big box my mother-in-law gave me. It is a container for high quality bath towels of a famous italian brand. A bit wrecked by time and old fashioned, but still in good conditions.
Using it to store all my items looked as a brilliant idea!
It has three wide spaces inside and they are big enough to save all  my bags, jewels, moleskine covers, etc.
I love it!
I'm really happy when old things have new life and can be usefull again!
This box remember me those old trunks used by people years and years ago to store all their stuff during long travels by train or ship.
So I called it "the travelling storehouse", not because it is travelling somewhere, but because travelling is one of its potentialities, like it happened for old trunks.
While I was filling it I had a big surprise, something I can call "a change of point of view": my shop's items are not so many as I was supposing while there were laying in my bedroom's drawer!
They were saved into a mess that was misleading me. Now that my items are tidy in a new place I notice that they are not so many (the third drawer is empty).
So I think it's time to sew something else. Bags, I suppose!


  1. What a gorgeous storage you have!
    And you are so neat!

  2. Che meraviglia, ne vorrei uno pure io!

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  4. che brava... e che ordinata che sei... un pò ti invidio!!! =)
    un bacio

  5. A perfect perfect perfect storage solution! What a beautiful presentation box for luxury towels and now it is filled with handmade beauty and elegance - by YOU! .

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  7. I'm glad you like it, girls! :)

    Guess if I want to cover it with some beautiful paper or fabric to give it a modern look or not... uhm uhm


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