Sunday, 3 February 2013

Simple happy things in January

Some little things that made me happy in January!
Because little things are the best in giving happiness and keeping memory of them is a great help if you want to live a happy life :)
January's simple happy moments:

- Giving a place to my new handmade friends... the bathroom is the best place for a fish, do you agree?

[Before you ask... the doily is handmade by mum; she can crochet, too]
- Wearing my new skirt at a little friend's birthday party
- Crazy sewing because it's almost Carnival and I'm an aunt :)
My 5-years-old niece needed help for her dresses (fairy and clown) and of course my sewing machine is always ready to work.

- New ideas knocking on my brain after a confusing time of silence: they involve embroidery, animals and linen. Not bad!
- Be inspired by the latest issue of &Stitches, a beautiful indie-publishing in .pdf about embroidery. Each issue collects projects and inspirations around a theme, and issue n.5 is about woodlands, so I couldn't resist and I bought it. Lovely!
- Drawing in bed on my moleskine with my usual brown pen, but also with a new one I purchased recently: it has green ink and I'm liking how green+black make a handsome mix on the white page (green+black+white... a great color combo not only for art making!). I'm drawing faux postage stamps, because creative obsessions are die-hard:
- Spending a lot of time in my computer removing useless files to make space for other things and finding a diary I wrote on a word file some years ago and totally forgotten.
I read it and jumped back to an important and busy period of my life, when I started to work and I was spending a lot of my free time as a scout-chief.
I had sweet memories reading it, but the diary surprized me a bit: in the period I had a job, money, love, friends, energy and a lot of other amazing things I haven't now (and often crave), but I wasn't so happy as I'm now.
- Making and ordering a blurb photo book that sums up my 2012 in dozens of photos! A big and time-consuming project! I can't wait to receive my 40 pages book!!!
- Finished to read "Les miserables" (it took long time!) and now I'm considering to watch the movie at the cinema.
- Made two bags for my friend Francesca and worked on new designs for future bags for my shop (I like to draw by myself the patterns for my bags)
- Sold three bags this month and decorated the envelopes with my foxy stamp, as usual:


  1. I love this look back at your busy month! Will this be a regular part of your blog going forward?

    You have accomplished so much! LOVE the new "stamps" , and bravo on the shop sales!!

    And good for the time of confused silence! Always welcome them. They come before inspiration!

    1. Pam, my initial idea was to have some "end of month" posts. Something like this one.
      But I wasn't sure if it was a good idea or not.
      But your questions suggested me that probably it is.

      And I totally agree with your last thought: sometime creative silence can be frustrating for people like us, always needing to express themselves in some ways. But yes, they give birth to new ideas, so I'm trying to welcome future periods of silence.

  2. Lots of simple & happy things, and it reminds me that I want to draw some stamps too. Yours are so cute!

    1. Hanna, these aren't my best postage stamps, but I like them the same.
      I have a 2013-project I haven't shared yet in this blog and it's all about faux postage stamps. You can see mine have a progressive number (like 3/50): this is because I want to make 50 stamps this year.
      A project partially inspired by your "365 collages" project :)


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