Saturday, 2 February 2013

Modern design for simple handmade jewels

As promised I'm showing you the jewels I made togeter with mum in corn starch clay and available in the shop.
They are pendants in different shapes and colors, but they have a thing in common: the modern and simple design.
Two of them are around a theme I really love: snowflakes!
One is violet with a white snowflake painted by me, one is like blue with and impressed snowflake (more delicate):
I've experimented a bit and I shaped marbled corn starch clay with the help of a cookies' cutter and made a flower:
Mum made tons of pendants in all colors and shapes possible. There are only two of them in the shop at the moment: a white rectangle with blue plastic "pebbles" (I can't find a more proper word for them) and a grey circle painted in white and mint:
You can follow the links in the text to have more informations about them.
As you can see in these photos I added a black cord to wear them (waxed cotton cord) and, for some pendants, also a metallic ring to connect them to the cord. All these necklaces are adjustable, because they close by two sliding knots:
What do you think?
Do you like them? Is the price right in your opinion (8€ + shipping)?
I enjoyed making them so much that I'm bending the rules of my shop (born as a place for my sewn items) and listed them as a crazy girl :)


  1. They are beautiful, and the price really fair. I'm with you; when I'm enthusiast, I list accessories in my jewelry shop...

  2. Your pendants are lovely - and of course i am partial to the snowflakes!! Your prices are very fair, Silvia.

    I love the sliding double knot construction. I hope one day to actually learn how to do this! I own a necklace made this way and i love how it is completely adjustable - a long pendant to a choker!!!

  3. Thank you, girls for your opinions about my prices :)

    Pam, making these knots isn't difficult! I'm sure you'll find some videos on line (I'm looking for them!)


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