Thursday, 31 January 2013

Again on jewelry making

Although I'm not really interested in making and wearing jewelry (I usually wear only a pair of earrings and a ring S. gave me some birthdays ago), I recently enjoyed some super quick and easy craft-time around this theme.
I had a lot of fun with my first attempt (asimmetrical earrings) and the fun is much more now that I have with me crocheted supplies by AuntFran and corn starch dough pendants by mum (+me).
Two days ago I was a bit tired, but looking for some ways to express my creativity. I was needing something super quick and satisfying... and I found it! :)
I fixed two twin marbled pendants I made with mum in white+black+green (smaller than mum's pendants) to two earring hooks I've recently bought here and, five minutes later, I finished these:
I love them :)
I like they aren't identical, I like the colors and most of all I like that they are unique pieces: I'm the unique woman in the world who can wear this earrings.
Eh, eh... the magic of crafting!!! :)
Recently I've started to upload in my shop some handmade jewels I made with the things mum and AuntFran gave me. They are necklaces and earrings.
You can already find them in the shop, but I'm writing a post about them tomorrow (maybe!), because now I have to cook something for dinner!


  1. They are beautiful!
    May I ask you what kind of colours you painted them with?

    1. Hi, Lavinia :)
      They aren't painted. To make them I mixed three "balls" of corn starch clay in different colors (green white, black) trying to have a marbled effect. And this is the reason why they are so different.


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