Thursday, 7 February 2013

Doing my drawing homeworks: hedgehogs and paisley motif

Sometimes S. and I watch tv shows or movies after dinner. If I'm not too tired and have some energies to spend in something creative, I open my moleskine journal and start to draw.
I watch tv through rapid glances and by listening the sound, eh eh.
You probably know that women can do two (and more) things at the same time.
Recently, instead of drawing usual things (for me: pastage stamps, flowers, imaginary landascapes, birds and snails), I started to work around themes I like.
Subjects that fascinate me but I have difficults with. A bit challenging but relaxing. It seems like I'm doing drawing homeworks :)
"Draw a house ten times", the teacher in me says. And I do it!
Last week I spent almost an hour drawing hedgehogs:
These little creatures are so lovely!
They are very common in Europe; when I was a child dad captured one in our garden (and he gave it freedom after showing us).
I titled this drawing "Il prato dei porcospini" (hedgehogs' lawn).
Yesterday, while watching "Letters to Juliet", I challenged myself with paisley motif:
I have a fatal attraction for paisley. Don't ask me why.
My idea is to draw by myself an embroidery pattern to use on new accessories, but I'm not satisfied by my drawings.
I numbered them and my favourite are number 4 and 6, but I'm not sure if they have the right look to be embroidered. They have probably too much details and haven't the indian/oriental look that it is supposed to be "a must" in this kind of motivs.
Uhm, what do you think?
Suggestions are welcome.

In the photo you can see my favourite drawing pen at the moment.
Green+black, a recent love! :)


  1. Ha! "Watching" TV with my sweetie is when i get most of my own work done as well. Having something to show for all that time makes me feel less like it has been wasted.

    Funny - when i first looked at the hedgehogs, i thought to myself - those would make the cutest little embroideries! They are charming, silvia.

    I can see the paisley as embroidered as well. It is interesting to me that I see the green drawings as being so much more delicate and would choose those designs over the others for embroidery! I don't know if it is my own attraction to the color or if you express yourself differently in each color!

    Your sketches are wonderful.

    1. I haven't considered that different pens/ink can influence tha way you draw, but it's true. Tools can make a difference.
      Thank you for suggesting me.

      I think I'm going to use green drawing n. 6 for embroidery!


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